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Queensland truly is the ‘sunshine state’ with 30 per cent of homes being powered by solar energy, making residential solar panels the state’s largest source of energy.

What’s the best direction for your solar panels?  Is it better to install your panels split between East and West, or is North the better orientation?

We all know that when installing solar panels in Australia, north facing gets the most sun throughout the day. If north isn't an option, north-west and north-east are generally the next best options followed by west and due east.   So which orientation is best to install your solar?   Really that depends on how you use energy.    

Trying to decide on an air conditioning unit in your home is not always easy, there are countless units on the market here in Brisbane.

That is why here at iinergy our staff are all trained in helping you decide on the most suited unit for your home meeting all your requirements. Also as a customer you do not need to pay for a technician to come out to your home to provide you with some advice and a quotation. This can be done online with just a few simple questions.

DID YOU KNOW that enough sunlight hits the earth in ONE hour to power it for an entire year?!  We use a lot of power in our day to day lives and the sun is up to the task.  It's no surprise that solar panels are becoming such a popular way for people to generate their own (clean!) electricity. But just how do solar panels work getting the energy from  the sun into your home?

There are lots of myths about solar energy but if you're thinking about investing in solar, you need to know the difference between what is fact and what is not.  Here are 5 solar myths BUSTED! 


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