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You have made the smart decision by investing in a solar system and now you need to maximise that investment. Here are some tips to get the most out of your system.

Australian rooftops added a record of almost 500 megawatts of new solar photovoltaic capacity in the March quarter, as Victoria's incentive scheme stoked a 90 per cent increase in that state's installations - Article by Peter Hannam, Sydney Morning Herald

Australian homeowners are turning to renewable energy to cut power costs, with rooftop solar installations at record levels.

Total household solar energy storage more than doubled in 2017, according to a report by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) released on Wednesday.

It was a record year for rooftop solar power in Australia, with 1.1 gigawatts of new generating capacity created via 20,789 new rooftop solar units, up from 6750 the year before, the report found.


If you have an ABN your premises may be eligible for commercial solar. Whatever industry you’re in, solar power could potentially deliver real cost savings to your business. Solar power is an affordable way to lower your electricity costs. It may also help you improve your business’ green credentials and make your building more attractive to prospective tenants or buyers.


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