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Switch to Solar from as little as $19 per week*

*Conditions apply

A major reason people do not install solar on their homes is due to the large upfront cost of the Solar PV System itself. We make it simple with an easy affordable solar finance package.

iinergy have access to a unique Repayment Plan which enables you to have solar with No Deposit and you reposition money you already payed on your power bill.

- Small monthly repayments means most pay less with Solar than currently paying

- Protect against the ever increasing cost of power as you make your own

Currently most people pay about 28c per kw, with annual increases this means the average cost of power over the next 10 years is likely to be around 40 – 50 cents per kw. Solar power can replace at least half of your power bill at an average cost of 20c per kw.

Why pay double the cost on all your power??

If you could buy half or more of your households petrol costs at say 75c per litre I am sure you would want to find out more…

Learn more about how iinergy can tailor a solar finance package and solar system to suit your energy needs and budget. Phone us today for a friendly no obligation chat. 1300 446 374


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