Why iinergy?

Solar Solutions customized for you

iinergy is an innovative solar and electrical company formed by Electricians with over 30 years combined industry experience. Our team of qualified and accredited Master solar electricians have together completed thousands of installs.

Our passion lies in being able to offer quality renewable energy solutions at affordable prices to ordinary Australian families. Whether you have a huge family, a high energy demand business or are going into retirement, we have a solution for you!

Expert Technicians

Custom power solutions

Low power bills



"My power bill and usage has decreased by 50% over
the last quarter. I have massive gum trees shading my
back yard but with iinergy's modern panels, this no
longer impacts their performance as much as the original technology."


"The team installed HT solar panels with a Sungrow inverter. I'm thrilled with my solar system and i'm looking forward to the savings on my next power bill!"

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New report spotlights benefits of installing solar panels on bodies of water.

Biggest Solar And Battery Project In NSW Has Received Green Light

Biggest Solar And Battery Project In NSW Set TO Begin Producing in 2022


At iinergy we are passionate about renewable and sustainable energy and
focus on quality service and customer satisfaction.

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