Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Is The Smart Choice

At iinergy, we have helped hundreds of Australians convert to the
future of energy, solar power.

With solar power, you can save thousands on your power bills and have a reliable energy source available in storms and power outages.


How Solar Can Benefit You

Save Money On Power

Installing a solar power system will save you BIG on your electricity bills.

Increase Your Home's Value

Solar panels increase your home's value and appeal to buyers.

Reliable Power Source

Pairing solar panels with a battery will provide you with a power source during outages.

Generate Clean Energy

Solar panels generate clean energy for your home, reducing your environmental impact.

Solar Is Cheap

Solar panels are cheaper and more efficient than they have ever been.

Low Maintenance

Solar panels are a low maintenance solution to your power problems.

How To Make Solar More Efficient

Solar is a super-efficient energy generator, whether you are powering a business or a home. However, you can make your solar system more efficient with the following services from iinergy.

Solar Batteries Brisbane | Solar Battery Brisbane

Solar Batteries

With a solar battery, you can store excess power from your solar panels to use later, like at night or early morning.

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Solar Panel Cleaning | Brisbane Solar Panel Cleaners

Panel Cleaning

Keeping your solar panels clean will ensure they operate at maximum efficiency.

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Solar Panel Maintenance Brisbane


Although solar panels are low maintenance, they can require a little attention to generate maximum power.

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The guys did a great installing my solar system. Battled through the rain to get it done. Highly recommend Anthony and Jamie :) thank you
Bernadine Lambert  
Anthony and Jamie what absolute legends! Could tell these boys got a alot of experience under there belt. Done in 3 hours. Amazed with start to finish with this company.
Ken Brown  
Highly recommend iinergy for solar install. Quick and easy quote process, and once accepted booked in straight away. The install itself is very neat and professional.
Dan C  

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