Solar Shade Structures.

Just like conventional covered car parks, Solar Car Parks can provide your customer’s and/or staff member’s cars with additional shelter and protection from the elements. Unlike normal car parks, however, Solar Car Parks generate power, and provide your business with a sure-fire way to save on electricity bills. As the number of car bays go up, so quickly do your savings. This is why Solar Car Parks can pay for themselves in just two to three years. After your Solar Car Park has paid for itself, it can help completely offset your business’s daytime electricity bill

Solar Shade Structures | iinergy


The process begins with your custom proposal and in-person site survey. We provide a detailed analysis of your system layout, cost and savings benefit, performance estimate, energy offset, preferred solar panel and other equipment, timeline to completion, and financing options.


Our team builds and installs systems focused on craftsmanship with minimal disruption to your schedule. We do not subcontract any portion of the solar installation process. Rest assured, every team member attending your job is a full time, fully trained employee of iinergy.


We monitor performance to ensure that your panels achieve optimal output every day. If we detect an issue, we address it. In addition, your new system can include a web-based application so that you can monitor your savings in real time, anytime.