iinergy care.

At iinergy we are dedicated to ensuring that your solar system is working to its full potential for the life of your solar system. Our credited Master Electrician technicians offer a variety of services that keep your system in top condition. 

Emergency Solar Repairs

Technicians on call for any emergency repairs when you need it most.

Inverter Replacement

We deal with all major Inverter brands and handle the warranty documentation process. 

Solar Servicing

Yearly servicing on your system so its working to its full capacity for as long as possible. 

Panel Cleans

Dirty panels can cause a loss of 20%. We use the latest products to keep your panels sparkling clean.

Solar Audits

If you have had a system installed by another company we are happy to provide an independent audit.

Power Bill Analysis

Power bills are confusing. We are experts at finding savings for you.