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  1. What are grid connected PV systems?
    A Grid-connected photovoltaic system is an electricity generating solar PV power system that is connected to the utility grid. These Grid connected systems supply solar electricity to the household and the electricity grid if the system is producing surplus energy than the house requires.
  2. What is Feed-in-Tariff?
    When the surplus power is supplied to the grid, the homeowner usually receives a credit or a payment for that electricity. This is energy is called a feed in tariff.
  3. What can affect the amount of solar energy received?
    Prominently, the strength of the sunlight available is an important factor that decides the amount of energy received and generated.

    Other factors like
    1. Time of year
    2. The time of day
    3. The latitude of the generation point
    4. The amount of dust and pollutant particulates in air
    5. Water vapour and water content in air
    6. Cloud cover
    7. Shading and block light blockage
    8. Quality of the solar parts installed.
  4. How does roof orientation impact my power generation?
    The impact of orientation on solar panels depends on many factors. For example, a house with south-facing solar panels tend to generate less than houses with north-facing panels. It should also be taken into account that this can change based on your location and availability of space as it can change  depending on the installation scenario. Don’t worry about this, our experts and technicians will take care of this for you.
  5. What size solar system should I install?
    The size of solar system depends on your energy usage and your geographical location. While solar power systems ultimately reduce your electricity bills, you will definitely benefit more from bigger installations. The size of your systems will also vary based on your budget.
  6. How to make my home power efficient?
    Managing your appliances, monitoring your power consumption and using power efficient methods can help you conserve energy and save money on your power bills. By using energy efficient heaters, solar hot water appliances and other ways to regulate your home’s power consumption we can make your home energy efficient. Check out our blog on how to get the most out of your solar installation.

  7. What is the life of my solar power installation?
    Solar power installations generally last upto 25 years. We can find solar panels delivering power which were installed more than 30 years ago. Other components such as inverters, battery, controller systems will survive a decade in most cases.
  8. Can I insure my grid connect system?
    Yes, you can insure your grid systems. Please check the terms and conditions with your insurance company.
  9. If my energy requirements increase, can I upgrade the system?
    Yes. You can upgrade your solar system any time.
  10. How green is solar power?
    A 2kilowatt grid connect system will prevent the emission of 3.3 tons of carbon dioxide  generated from coal-fired power generation every year. This is the equivalent of taking a car off the roads. So solar power is a definite step towards a greener future.
  11. Is there any maintenance?
    Solar power systems usually require minimal maintenance, With an grid connected system, electronic components are ideally maintenance free. In case you need maintenance let our master technicians help you.
  12. Will I need a new switchboard or meter?
    Depending on your previous power set up, a meter exchange would be necessary to measure and energy you feed to the power grid. It helps in measuring the feed-in energy and  improve system effectiveness.
  13. How do we store electricity for nights?
    You can use a solar battery to store the surplus power generated to store and use the electricity when sun goes down at night.
  14. What is panel efficiency and do I need a panel with high efficiency?
    Panel efficiency is the amount of sunlight the panel is able to convert to energy. It’s very useful to determine which will produce the most power in the same amount of space, with the same access to sunlight, and determine what panel you would need
  15. Should I get my solar power system serviced?
    Yes. We do recommend servicing your solar system once a year at least. Solar servicing is an essential part of ensuring that your solar power system remains safe and effective. Our expert technicians will be able to perform a comprehensive service to keep your solar system running in top condition.

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