3 Popular Solar Battery Solutions

Posted 9 Mar '22
3 Popular Solar Battery Solutions

3 Popular Solar Battery Solutions

Over the last decade, solar panels have become a very popular choice for residents across Australia looking to offset their electricity bills and reduce their reliance on the grid. Many Australians are also turning to solar panel systems to reduce their impact on the environment by using a natural, renewable energy source. However, solar panel systems produce virtually all of their power in the middle of the day, whilst most Australians consume the most power during the morning and at night. This creates the question of how you can save the power generated by your solar panel system to use at the times that you most need it. Fortunately there is an answer, solar batteries. Solar batteries store the electricity generated from your solar panel system so you can use it when you need it. This helps to reduce your reliance on the grid and maximise the efficiency of your solar panels. The solar experts at iinergy will be sharing 3 popular solar battery solutions in this article. So without further ado, let’s take a look at 3 of the most popular solar battery solutions in Australia.

Tesla Powerwalls

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is an incredibly popular solar battery solution all across Australia. It is a fully integrated AC battery system that is suitable for both residential or light commercial use. The Powerwall 2 is also compatible with any new or existing solar power system. It’s efficiency, compact design and simple connection make this solar battery one of the most sought after in Australia. Find out more about the Tesla Powerwall 2 on our website here.

Sungrow Solar Batteries

Sungrow solar batteries are an excellent choice for residential solar panels. Consisting of stackable battery modules, the solar battery can be easily installed by a single person. With Sungrow solar batteries, you can choose to stack from 3 modules (9.6kWh) up to 8 modules (a huge 25.6kWh) per battery unit. Would you like to see more information on Sungrow solar batteries? Click here to learn more on our website.

Redback Technologies

Looking for an Australian solar battery solution? Redback Technologies may be the best pick for you! Redback Technologies are an Australian solar battery solution business supplying solar batteries specifically built to withstand the Australian weather. Compatible with most existing solar panel systems, Redback Technologies solar batteries are designed with cutting edge research from the University of Queensland. Read more about the solar battery technology at Redback Technologies on our website here.

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