3 Reasons To Install A Solar Battery

Posted 5 Dec '23
3 Reasons To Install A Solar Battery

Solar energy is transforming how we power our homes and businesses, offering a greener, more sustainable source of electricity. One of the key parts of a great solar system is a solar battery. With a solar battery, you are able to store excess solar power generated throughout the day to use at night and in low-light conditions!

In this latest blog update from the iinergy team, we will be exploring 3 key benefits of solar batteries and why you should install one for your solar system.

​Use Solar Power at Night & in Low-Light Conditions

Solar panels excel during sunny days, but their productivity dips as the sun sets. A solar battery stores excess energy generated during the day, allowing you to use solar power even at night or during overcast and rainy days. This consistent access to solar energy maximises the utility of your investment, ensuring that you're not just environmentally conscious but also energy efficient, regardless of the time or weather conditions.

Backup Power for Emergencies

Power outages can be more than just inconvenient, they can disrupt your daily life or business operations. Solar batteries provide a reliable backup power source during these emergencies. Whether it's a storm that knocks out the grid or a local power interruption, having a solar battery means that your essential appliances and systems remain operational, offering a significant advantage in terms of safety and convenience. Achieve energy independence with a solar battery! Contact iinergy today.

Reduce Power Bill

One of the most important benefits of installing a solar battery is the reduction in your power bill. By storing excess solar energy, you can significantly decrease your reliance on the grid, particularly during peak usage times when electricity rates are higher. This not only leads to substantial savings on your energy bills but also protects you from fluctuating energy prices. If you want to slash you power bills and avoid upcoming price hikes on electricity, why not make the smarter switch to solar and install a solar battery.

Invest In A Solar Battery

Investing in a solar battery system not only elevates the efficiency of your solar power system but also contributes to a more sustainable and resilient energy future. With options like the Tesla Powerwall, Sungrow, and Redback Technologies, iinergy ensures that customers have access to top-quality products that meet their specific energy needs. If you want to slash your power bills and achieve energy independence, install a solar battery for your solar system.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a solar battery? Get in touch with the solar power experts at iinergy today. Call us at 1300 446 374 or email at

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