3 Signs You Need a Solar Battery for Your Home or Business

Posted 17 May
3 Signs You Need a Solar Battery for Your Home or Business

3 Signs You Need a Solar Battery for Your Home or Business

Are you making the most out of your solar panel system? While solar panels are a fantastic way to harness the sun’s energy, they have their limitations, especially when it comes to energy storage. 

In this latest blog update, the Brisbane solar experts at iinergy will be exploring some common signs that it's time to consider adding a solar battery to your setup. Let’s get started!

1. You're Producing More Energy Than You Use During the Day

Solar panels often produce more electricity than you can use during daylight hours, particularly if you’re at work or if the household is less active. Without a storage solution, this surplus energy goes back to the grid, often with little benefit to you compared to the potential savings you could achieve by storing this energy. By investing in a solar battery, like the ones offered by iinergy from trusted brands like Tesla Powerwall, Sungrow, and Redback Technologies, you can store this excess solar power to use in the evening. 

This is particularly useful during peak usage hours when electricity rates are higher, or when the solar panels are not producing electricity due to low light conditions.

2. You Want to Increase Your Energy Independence

Relying on the grid can sometimes be frustrating, especially during power outages or when electricity prices spike. A solar battery enhances your household's self-sufficiency, allowing you to use stored solar energy during these times. 

Not only does this reduce your electricity bill, but it also ensures that you are less dependent on utility companies. With high-quality solar batteries installed, you can enjoy a continuous power supply no matter the state of the grid.

3. You Need a Reliable Backup Power Source

Emergencies, like storms or grid failures, can occur without warning, leaving you without power when you need it most. Solar batteries provide a dependable backup power source, ensuring your lights stay on, your fridge runs, and your devices remain charged during power outages. Install a solar battery for your solar power system so that you have a reliable backup power source in case you need it.

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Do any of these signs sound familiar to you? If so, it might be time to consider integrating a solar battery into your solar system. iinergy offers high-quality solutions with robust batteries designed to maximise your energy usage and ensure resilience against power disruptions. 

Don’t let your excess solar energy go to waste, store it and use it when it matters the most with a solar battery from iinergy.

For more information on how a solar battery can benefit your home or business, visit our website and explore our range of solar products designed to boost your energy efficiency and independence.

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