3 Tips For Saving Money With Solar

Posted 18 Nov '22
3 Tips For Saving Money With Solar

3 Tips For Saving Money With Solar

With power bills rising all across the country and the world, many households are turning to solar power for a solution to help ease the cost of living. Solar power certainly is an excellent option for saving money as it enables you to generate your own free electricity! At iinergy, we install quality solar panel systems for our customers, helping them to start saving money straight away. In this update on our site, the iinergy team will be sharing 3 tips for saving money with your solar panel system.

Install A Solar Battery

If you are looking for a way to save more money with your solar panel system, installing a solar battery is a great place to start. Solar panel systems generate power throughout the day when the sun is shining. However, when the sun goes away your solar panel system can no longer generate electricity. This is where a solar battery comes in. With a solar battery, you can store excess power generated throughout the day to use later on when your solar panel system is no longer generating any electricity. This means you can use your free electricity at night and in the early morning. Start saving money with a solar battery from iinergy! Click here to find out more about our solar battery solutions.

Keep Your Solar Panels Maintained

Another tip for saving money with solar is to keep your solar panels maintained. When solar panels become dirty, their efficiency is lowered. That means your solar panels will start to generate less electricity than they should, which could result in you having to dip into taking power from the grid. Keeping your solar panels clean and maintained will help them to operate at maximum efficiency, generating as much free electricity as possible. Have you noticed a decrease in your solar power generation? Find out more about our solar panel cleaning and maintenance services on our website here.

Arrange A Solar Audit Or Power Bill Analysis

The team at iinergy is committed to helping you save on your power bills. This is why we offer solar audits and power bill analysis services to our community. You can contact us to audit your solar power system or analyse your energy bills to identify any potential savings that you may be missing out on. Click here to learn more about how the iinergy team can help you save money on your power bills.

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