6 Reasons to Install Solar Panels

Posted 9 Sep '17
6 Reasons to Install Solar Panels

6 Reasons to Install Solar Panels

Home owners turn to solar for a number of reasons, the most common ones being the reduction of carbon footprint while also reducing the energy costs. Australians have been switching over to solar energy at a very high rate. Below are 6 reasons as to why installing solar panels may be beneficial for you too.

  1. Environment-friendly source of energy
    Solar is a very clean and renewable form of energy. Unlike the conventional forms of energy sources, a solar panel emits neither greenhouse gases nor involves the use of any heavy metals like mercury. The entire energy is harvested using only the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is less harmful to you as well as the environment.
  2. It is a safe investment
    Solar panels are a very safe investment for homeowners who want to increase the value of their property. A house with solar installation can get a substantial increase in property value as compared to the ones without it. Even if the house is not for sale, solar panel installation can greatly help you in reducing your energy bills. To this day besides controlling your energy consumption behaviors, solar energy is the most efficient and reliable way to cut down energy costs on a monthly basis.
  3. Durable
    Another reason why installing solar panels may be a good idea is because they are very durable. Once installed, they can go on for years without needing any replacement. They also have a high resistance against strong winds, rain, sun, and snow. Most solar panels come with a warranty period of up to 30 years.
  4. It helps you earn money
    The best thing about solar energy is that if you are still connected to the grid, you can send back the extra energy harvested through your solar system. If the energy production is too high for your consumption, you can sell it back to the energy providers distributing in your area and get money in exchange. However check with your provider first.

  5. Fixed price
    One major problem with a distributor that supplies your electricity is that the prices keeps varying and in the case of Australia continues to increase. Being signed up to a energy distributor you have no choice but to pay whatever is being charged. There are no such issues with solar. The energy cost remains constant at all times of the day and also throughout the year.
  6. Available at all times
    The major benefit with installing solar panels with a storage battery is that electricity is available at all times. Unlike the grid supplied electricity, you do not have to worry about power failures.

Due to the constantly rising demand for solar panels, a number of companies have come with solar energy solutions. However with the ever-growing amount of companies popping up overnight, you should do a little background check.  Here at iinergy, we focus on customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on a 5 star rating.

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