Buyer Beware of Cheap Solar Systems

Posted 8 Nov '18
Buyer Beware of Cheap Solar Systems

Beware of Cheap Solar Systems

Installing a Solar system on your Home is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will you get instant savings off your power bill but you will also protect yourself from future power increases. We have some customers that combining a solar system with smart power saving habits in their house they have reduced their total power bill to $0 from over $1000 per quarter.

What you also have to realise is that you are putting a Power Plant on your Roof and this will produce power for you for 25+ years so you want to get it right the first time. Below is a list of common Faults we see when we attend Service or repairs of systems that have been installed by other companies that have now gone out of business.

Cheap Installation Equipment

There are many parts that go into a Solar System install outside of the Inverters and Panels and its so important that Quality Gear is used. This is quite often where companies cut corners and as you can see it makes a hell of a mess and quite expensive to repair.

Cheap panels & Inverters

This is a common issue where a company will cut corners and buy panels or inverters from any factory in China, buy the cheapest gear they can get their hands on and not do their research on the product. The end result is poor quality products installed on your roof and no warranty if the company goes out of business.

 At iinergy we tend to stick with products bought through local Wholesalers that are insured and that the products we are using have been used in large commercial projects. A company is not going to install Thousands of panels on a solar farm or large roof without doing their due diligence.

No Servicing 

When a system has been installed on your roof it really is exposed to the Elements. To get the longevity out of a system I recommend Servicing the system yearly. Why?

It's similar to a car. Your car will still work without servicing but it won't run as well and will eventually break down or need repairs quicker. By servicing your system we not only clean the panels but do preventative maintenance like making sure no Birds or possums have chewed cables, no buildup of leaves under the panels or any other issues. Normally by a general clean you will get 10% more performance out of the system straight away so it pays for itself and its peace of mind that it is in good working order.

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