Energy Prices To Soar 35% - How To Avoid The Surge

Posted 13 Oct '22
Energy Prices To Soar 35% - How To Avoid The Surge

Energy Prices To Soar 35% - How To Avoid The Surge

The latest news on energy prices certainly isn't good news for homes and businesses drawing power from the grid! In this latest update from the solar power experts at iinergy, we will be sharing everything you need to know about the upcoming energy price surge and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

Energy Prices Surging 35% In 2023

You may be aware of the latest news in energy, with reports estimating that retail electricity prices could surge by at least 35% in 2023! With the cost of living rising every day, it is no doubt that this is not good news for families and businesses all across Australia. Prices are rising largely due to a range of factors, including the global supply crisis due to the war in Ukraine. Regardless of the cause, this is sure to be unwelcome news to all across Australia, except for those who have already made the transition to clean, free energy via their own solar power system.

How To Avoid Rising Electricity Prices

Unfortunately, the upcoming electricity price surge isn’t the only increase we have seen. In fact, power prices have been increasing very regularly in the last few years, making your energy bills more and more expensive each cycle.

So what can you do to avoid rising electricity prices? The best solution is to start generating your own electricity for free! This is exactly what you can do with a solar power system. By installing solar panels, you can turn the sun into your own personal power source, helping you to power your home or business without needing to pay for drawing power from the grid. You can even install a solar battery to store your excess solar-generated electricity for use at night and in low-light conditions!

Making the switch to solar power is the smartest choice you can make right now, and the best way to avoid rising electricity costs in 2023 and in the future.

Save Money! Make The Switch To Solar

Don’t fall victim to rising power prices. By switching to your own solar power system, you will be able to generate your own clean and free energy for your home or business! If you are ready to make the smarter switch to solar power, the iinergy team is here to help. We are experts in installing and maintaining effective solar power systems for our residential and commercial clients. Whatever your power needs are, we can help you to find the solar solution. Click here if you would like to find out more about our solar panel solutions.

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