Everything you need to know about solar batteries

Posted 26 Feb '18
Everything you need to know about solar batteries

Everything you need to know about solar batteries

By now you've probably heard about solar batteries.  Solar batteries are a game-changer to the solar market and revolutionise the way we use energy.   Here's everything you need to know about solar batteries.  

Solar panels have been popping up on rooftops at an unprecedented level making the solar industry one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.   It's no surprise that Australia is drenched in sun, in fact it gets so much that we enjoy the highest rate of concentrated solar energy in the world.

But what happens when you want to take your solar energy to the next level?

Households generating solar energy want the ability to power their homes even after the sun goes down, and protect the value of the solar energy they’re generating throughout the day. Home batteries are the simplest and best way to take solar power further and putting it to work in the evenings when you need it the most.  They also provide back-up power in the event of a blackout.  

The solar battery market has skyrocketed because of its ability to solve the solar energy glitch - the fact that solar power isn’t constant (because the sun doesn’t shine at night).  But more on that later.


Solar batteries are a relatively new application for an old technology. Batteries were the earliest method of generating electricity, and the earliest battery was constructed in 1836 by John Daniell who discovered he could generate electricity from a copper pot filled with a copper sulfate solution.

Over the years battery technology has advanced in leaps and bounds.  Today we use Lithium Ion batteries in most portable electronics today. Solar batteries typically use lithium batteries as well including our  LG Chem RESU and Enphase Solar Battery systems.

Solar batteries have a super high cycle life. This means that solar batteries can support a higher number of complete charge/discharge cycles before their capacity falls under 80%.  Solar batteries don’t require frequent maintenance or replacement. After charging and discharging solar batteries thousands of times, they still remain highly functional. In fact, solar batteries are virtually maintenance-free, allowing owners to enjoy using the battery without worrying about permanent damage due to deep discharge.  Your energy storage system can now be here to support you and your household, instead of the other way around.


The need for solar storage evolves from a simple fact – solar power can only be generated using daylight – when the sun is out. Further, the typical household consumes more power in the evening – when there is no sunlight and hence no opportunity to generate solar power – as illustrated by the enPhase diagram:

Using solar panels is a great way to tap into a clean, renewable energy source but a solar battery allows home-owners who have enjoyed the partial independence of producing their own energy during daylight hours, to take it to the next level.   With energy storage systems like solar batteries, solar customers no longer need to rely on the grid at night, when they often need power the most.  This is where things really get good.  Solar batteries store excess energy during the day generated by their solar panels.  Energy storage owners come home to a solar battery charged full of energy, ready for whatever the evening has in store.  


It is not uncommon for storms in Australia to cause power outages. This is an issue because our lifestyles today rely so heavily on having electricity around the clock (*gasp* no internet!).  Power outages are inconvenient so having a back-up electricity supply could be an option to keep you out of the dark.

While solar battery storage is still relatively new in Australia, it won't be long until it becomes mainstream technology.   


If you are thinking of doing some battery research here are some of our big names you should know.  

Enphase AC Battery - The Enphase AC Battery is perfect for households wanting to begin with a small battery system and then expand their energy storage capacity later.  Home energy systems are a long term investment that you want to get right.  Enphase AC Battery modules can easily be added as required.  Whether it is a new solar installation or retrofit, the Enphase AC Battery is idea if you want flexibility to handel whatever the future might bring from home expansions to smart home and smart grid integration.

LG Chem RESU - LG Chem Home Battery provides an optimal energy solution using their state-of-the-art energy storage system with a long life span and top notch quality.  They have an amazing discharge capacity of 90% without compromising the life of the battery.  With a generous 10-year warranty, the LG Chem RESU home battery has been designed to have enough energy storage capacity to power an average sized home.  Home owners can virtually go off-grid, paying a fraction of their previous power bill to their energy retailers. 

TESLA POWERWALL 2 - Tesla Powerwall 2 is a fully integrated AC Battery systems for residential or light commercial use. The Powerwall 2 is compatible with new or existing solar systems. Adding Powerwall to your solar power system will allow you to store any excess power that your system generates into a battery to use later, even when the sun’s not out.

Powerwall’s electrical interface provides a simple connection to any home or building. Tesla’s Powerwall is one of the most sought-after battery storage system in Australia. The Powerwall is compact and contemporary, and can easily be mounted to your floor or walls both inside and out.

Whether you’re trying to go greener, reduce your dependence on your electricity company, or set up reliable back-up power, solar batteries are your answer.   If you want to know more information, our team are here to help.   Call us on 1300 446 374 or send us a message HERE.