Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Posted 11 Apr '22
Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Are you considering installing a solar panel system on your residential or commercial property? You will be making a wise decision. Solar panels provide a great many benefits, including reduced power costs and less reliance on the power grid. Even with all these benefits you may still have a few questions regarding solar power. Fortunately, the experienced solar power experts at iinergy are here to help you. Browse answers to some of our frequently asked solar questions in this new iinergy blog article.

What Happens At Night If I Have Solar Power?

This is a very common question for those who are considering solar panels. Naturally, solar panels work by producing energy when exposed to sunlight, which they cannot do at night time. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use energy generated from solar panels at night. You can store excess electricity generated by your solar panels in a solar battery, enabling you to use the excess electricity at night when the solar panels are no longer generating electricity. Want to explore your solar battery options? Find out everything you need to know on our website here.

How Long Will My Solar Panels Last?

Although the lifespan of solar panels do vary based on many factors, our solar power installations generally last for up to 25 years. 

Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Yes, solar panels do require a certain level of maintenance. However, this level of maintenance is very minimal. At iinergy, we offer yearly servicing to keep your solar panel system working to its full potential. We also offer solar panel cleaning services in the event your panels are dirty and have reduced energy generation. Click here to find out more about these solar panel services.

How Much Money Will Solar Panels Save Me?

This depends on a number of different factors, however you can rest assured that your solar panel system will begin saving you money immediately after it has been installed. In fact, most solar panel systems will pay off their own installation costs within just 4 to 8 years!

Does Roof Positioning Impact Solar Power Generation?

Yes, the orientation/positioning of your roof can certainly impact the power generation of your solar panels. Generally, south-facing solar panels will generate less power than north-facing solar panels. Have some more questions about this? Get in touch with our team via our website here.

Contact Your Solar Experts

Are you ready to explore your solar power options? Perhaps you have some more questions about solar panels? Whatever you need, the solar power experts at iinergy are here to help. You can get in touch with us today by calling 1300446374, emailing us at or clicking here to contact us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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