How Solar Batteries Boost Your Solar Power System

Posted 11 Feb '23
How Solar Batteries Boost Your Solar Power System

If you are looking for a way to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your solar power system, a solar battery is one of the best additions you can make. Solar batteries help to reduce your reliance on the power grid, use solar power at night and to have power when you need it. This is one of the best ways to increase the efficiency of your solar power system. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that solar batteries can boost your solar power system.

Use Solar Power At Night

Without a solar battery, any excess solar power that you generate throughout the day will be simply pushed back into the grid. By installing a solar battery, your solar power system will store that excess energy for you to use at times of that day when your solar panels are no longer generating power, like at night. This enables you to keep using free, solar-generated power at all times of the day, helping you to dramatically reduce the cost of your power bill.

Reduce Your Reliance On The Grid

Installing a solar battery is one of the best ways to reduce your reliance on the power grid. With a solar battery, you will no longer export excess power to the grid and will instead store it for your later use. This means that you may not need to draw power on the grid, depending on your energy needs. If you would like to reduce your power costs and your reliance on the power grid, install a solar battery with the experienced team at iinergy.

Have Backup Power When You Need It

We have all experienced periods of blackouts, whether it be through a scheduled power outage or through an adverse weather event. Running out of power is something we all want to avoid, and you can do just that with a solar battery. You can use a solar battery to store solar power for later usage, like in a blackout. Solar batteries can provide you with the temporary power solution you need.

Get Solar With iinergy!

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