How To Maximise Your Solar Panel Efficiency

Posted 22 Aug '22
How To Maximise Your Solar Panel Efficiency

How To Maximise Your Solar Panel Efficiency

Keeping your solar panel operating normally and effectively is the best way to keep your solar panels efficiently generating electricity for your home or business. Many solar panel system owners wonder what they can do to keep their solar panels running as efficiently as possible. At iinergy, we aren’t just experts in installing solar panels, we also help out customers to make their solar panel systems efficient and keep them that way. In this blog article we will be sharing a few of the different ways you can maximise your solar panel efficiency.

Install A Solar Battery

Solar panels are incredibly effective at powering your home or business throughout the day, especially on days when the sun is shining bright and out from the clouds. However, for many homes this isn’t when your power is being used. Many of us use the most of our power at home from 5pm to 9pm, which isn’t when your solar panels are generating much power. To mitigate this, you can install a solar battery. This will store the excess power your solar panels generate throughout the day so you can use it when the solar panels are no longer generating power from the sun. This is one of the best ways to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your solar panel. Click here if you would like to find out more about solar batteries and some of the options we have available at iinergy.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean & Maintained

In order to operate at peak efficiency, your solar panels need to be free of dirt and other environmental pollutants. Layers of dirt and dust on your solar panels can significantly reduce their power generation and efficiency. This is why it is important to have your solar panels cleaned and maintained. iinergy offers a range of services to assist with this, including solar servicing, solar panel cleaning, inverter replacements and emergency solar repairs. We can even help you to assess the efficiency of your solar panels by conducting a solar audit or a power bill analysis. Find out more about our range of solar panel maintenance services on our website here.

Stay Solar Efficient With iinergy

At iinergy, we offer everything you need to keep your solar panels running as efficiently as possible. Whether you need a new solar panel system, to organise solar panel maintenance or cleaning, or you would like to install a solar battery, the solar experts at iinergy are here to help you. Do you think your solar panel system’s efficiency may have reduced recently? Get in touch with us today. Call 1300 446 374, email us at or click here to contact the iinergy team through our website.

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