How To Maximise Your Solar System in 2024

Posted 10 Jan
How To Maximise Your Solar System in 2024

 Making the most of your solar system has never been more important. With the rise in energy costs and growing environmental concerns, homeowners and businesses are increasingly turning to solar solutions. At iinergy, we are committed to helping Australians harness the power of the sun efficiently to help cut down on their rising power bills.

In this latest blog update from the iinergy team, we will be taking a closer look at some of the ways you can maximise the power generation of your solar power system in 2024.

Install A Solar Battery

A crucial step in maximising your solar system is the addition of a solar battery. Solar panels alone can't store excess power, but with a battery, you can keep this energy for use during the night or in low-light conditions​​. iinergy offers high-quality solar battery solutions like the Tesla Powerwall 2, Sungrow's innovative energy storage, and Redback Technologies' Australian climate-tested batteries​​​​​​. These options ensure that you have solar power when you need it the most, even during emergencies​​.

Store solar power for when you need it most with a solar battery from the iinergy team.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

The efficiency of solar panels can be significantly reduced by dirt and debris. In fact, unclean panels can lead to a 20% loss in energy production​​. Regular cleaning is essential, and at iinergy, our expert team uses the latest products to keep your panels in pristine condition, ensuring optimal performance. Keep your solar panels clean in 2024 to make sure they are generating as much clean, free power as possible.

Get A Solar Audit

An often forgotten aspect of maximising solar efficiency is conducting regular solar audits. iinergy provides independent audits, even if your system was installed by another company​​. These audits can identify potential issues and improvements, ensuring your system operates at its best.

Maximise Your Solar With iinergy

Choosing iinergy for your solar needs means you're opting for reliability, quality, and excellent service​​. Our range of services, from installation to maintenance, ensures your solar system delivers the best performance for its entire lifespan​​. With our accredited technicians and commitment to using Tier 1 Panels and Solar Systems, you can trust in our expertise and dedication to renewable energy​​. If you are looking to slash your power bills and start generating clean, free energy from the sun, the solar power experts here at iinergy are here to help. Whether you are looking for solar panel cleaning/maintenance, a new solar battery or even a new solar system, we are here for you.

Are you ready to get the most out of your solar power system? Get in touch with the solar experts at iinergy today. Call us at 1300 446 374 or email at

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