HT-SAAE's Lianyungang Shenzhou New Energy Achieves SA8000 Certification

Posted 31 Aug '23
HT-SAAE's Lianyungang Shenzhou New Energy Achieves SA8000 Certification

HT-SAAE's Lianyungang Shenzhou New Energy Achieves SA8000 Certification

HT-SAAE's Lianyungang Shenzhou New Energy, manufacturer of the solar panels we use here at iinergy, has achieved SA8000 certification. In this latest blog update we will be sharing what this means and also why we use these solar panels for homes and businesses all across South East Queensland. Let’s get started!

What Is The SA8000 Certification?

The SA8000 certification is a global benchmark that signifies a company's commitment to ethical conduct, fair labour conditions, and the safeguarding of employee rights. It's a rigorous standard that addresses vital areas such as child labour, health and safety, and non-discrimination. When a product comes with this certification, it's a testament to its responsible production.

Why iinergy Uses HT-SAAE's Solar Panels

Quality and Efficiency:

HT-SAAE's solar panels are top-tier in the market. Their efficiency ensures our customers receive the best energy output for their investment.

Ethical Production: 

With the SA8000 certification, we're confident in providing solar panels that are produced under the highest standards of social responsibility.


These solar panels are designed for longevity, ensuring our customers enjoy consistent solar energy benefits for years.

Choosing iinergy: Quality Meets Responsibility

When you make the choice to go solar, the team at iinergy is here to help. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose iinergy for your solar switch.


Our team at iinergy is equipped with the latest knowledge in solar technology. We understand diverse needs and offer solutions that fit them perfectly.

Commitment to Excellence:

At iinergy, we believe in providing comprehensive solar solutions that are efficient, durable, and ethically sourced. We always strive to install the best solar system for your energy needs.

Customer-Centric Approach:

Our customers' satisfaction is paramount. From consultation to installation and post-installation support, we guarantee a smooth experience. We are committed to providing you with the very best service in the solar industry.

Ethical Choices:

By opting for iinergy, you're not just selecting efficient solar solutions but also contributing to a more responsible and sustainable future.

Go Solar With iinergy

The SA8000 certification of Lianyungang Shenzhou New Energy is a testament to the product's quality and ethical production. At iinergy, we're dedicated to bringing our customers products that resonate with our ethos and promise the best for both your home or business and the environment. If you are looking to install the very best quality solar panels, look no further than the solar panel experts here at iinergy. Contact our team today for a quote on your solar power needs. Don’t forget to visit our website to get out our range of solar panel services, including solar panel and battery installation, solar panel servicing and solar panel cleaning and maintenance.

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