Solar Batteries from as little as $33 per week*

Are the constant changes to energy prices negatively impacting your cost of living??
Are your electricity bills increasing regardless of your solar system producing sufficient power?
Are you tired of giving away YOUR energy that YOU are making to the grid with very little in return, only to buy it back at night time for up to 10 TIMES THE PRICE?

As your renewable energy provider, iinergy are dedicated to providing you solutions by constantly staying ahead of the curve with the latest industry leading technology and using this in the ongoing war against utility providers.

Many of us will be aware that the energy companies have dropped the price of our solar feed in rates to as little as 3c/per kwh and raised the price we purchase energy (often what we have already sold them) to as much as 40c/per kwh. What this means is that our night time usage (peak hours for the majority of us) is now the main culprit for the increasing bills.

This is only due to get worse.

The good news is we have a solution - Battery technology is ready to go and now more important than ever.

You already have a highly efficient and productive system on your roof, now battery storage is the final step to complete the package and be completely rid of power bills. Ultimate self-sufficiency, we will never have to worry about the soaring rates again as they simply won't affect us.

With many other benefits, such as backup power supply, portability, increased property value and 10 year manufacturer warranties, there has never been a better time to invest in the future and go battery!
And to stick to our core value of customer care, we are currently offering a loyalty bonus of 15% off our energy storage systems to all existing customers.

Invest in a product to save the environment and your wallet, don't invest in energy retailers.

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