Posted 21 Oct '19


With the new year closing in on us, the National Solar Subsidy for residential and commercial Solar installations is set to be slashed once again. This means, in basic terms, the upfront cost for installations is going to increase, across the entire industry.

How this affects you
The way that the Subsidy works is that it is based on Small-Scale Technology Certificates (Also known as STCs). Put simply, these STCs function in a similar fashion to stocks; depending on current conditions affecting the market, the value of these STCs increase or decrease the rebate that is available, day by day. These STCs are used to cover the upfront cost of installing Solar on your roof itself.
Each year, on the 1st of January, the amount of these STCs that are available are reduced, until a point in the near future where they will be taken away entirely.
In fact, The ACCC is calling to scrap the solar rebate immediately. The future of the subsidy, along with the Federal Government's commitment to coal-fired power stations, has left the subsidy's immediate future up in the air.

Future-proof yourself against the ever-changing Energy Landscape
The cost of power is not going to come down - Prices have been steadily rising, year on year, until it reaches a point where it may not be affordable for the average household. This, coupled with increasing interest, has forecast energy costs to continue to rise, year on year, with no immediate end in sight.
While many retailers are beginning to offer pay-on-time discounts, There is nothing stopping them from changing the terms, the discount offered or taking it away entirely.
Compared to going Solar, it is the difference between paying $1-200 less per quarter, or not paying a power bill at all - The advantages of going Solar far outweigh any offer these discounts may have.

The time to 'Go Solar' hasn't been this attractive in a long time
While the golden days of the 44c Feed-In Tariff may be gone, a little known fact is that the utilities are bidding for your business with recent increases within them. In certain parts of the country, the FiT is as high as 21 cents. While Queensland is on 16 cents, it's much higher than the 6 cents that have been on offer in recent years.
We can help you broker a better deal from your provider - It's all part of the service.

The timeframe is attracting less-than-reputable installers
Unfortunately, whenever there are grants and rebates available, fly-by-night companies follow - And are aiming to make as much money as possible while the subsidy is still around. These companies have a nasty habit of selling cheap systems for next-to-nothing, and disappearing with the money. A few months ago we shared a story on our blog by the 7:30 Report on how cheap solar is damaging the industry and potentially putting your hard earned money, and in extreme cases, your home itself at risk. 
Many of these companies offer overseas warranties, which are worthless once these companies disappear, leaving the consumer with little more than an expensive roof ornament. We have provided a list of the many companies that have gone into liquidation/receivership, which raises significant red flags. Always do your research when selecting an installer - We are a family owned business who have been in operation for several years now, and offer full Australian warranties for our panels, systems and inverters. With our own in-house team of Master Electricians, you will be in safe hands.

'Going Solar' doesn't need to cost more than your current power bill
One major factor that stops most homeowners from making the jump to Solar is the fear of a massive outlay of money. The actual truth is however - If you are paying a power bill, you can afford Solar. We have a large number of payment options which cater to households of all sizes, incomes and energy usages. Essentially, you have the option of redirecting your power bill into a Solar system - And instead of paying dead money to utilities year after year, you are investing in your own system; and at the same time, owning your energy, rather than renting it out to the major Energy providers. In a very short amount of time, you will never pay a power bill again.

We are here to help
Our friendly team is here to help you on your Solar journey. Our promise to you is quality, service, reliability, and workmanship. If you're looking to make the jump, call us on 1300 446 374, or send us a message on our contact page!