What You Need To Know About Solar Shade Structures

Posted 3 Mar '22
What You Need To Know About Solar Shade Structures

What You Need To Know About Solar Shade Structures

Solar shade structures are an innovative way for you to transform your car park cover into an electricity generating asset that helps you to lower your power bill. The solar power experts at iinergy will be taking you through everything you need to know about solar shade structures in this latest article.

What Is A Solar Shade Structure

A solar shade structure is essentially a solar panel car park that works to protect vehicles from the elements whilst generating clean, renewable energy. See an example of a solar shade structure on the iinergy website here.

Why You Should Install A Solar Shade Structure

There are a number of incredible reasons why you should install a solar shade structure as an alternative to a conventional car park. Not only do solar shade structures provide shelter and protection from the elements for vehicles just like ordinary car parks, but they also work to generate power like normal solar panels. That’s right, your car park cover can actually work to produce power for you, helping you to save on your electricity bills. In fact, solar shade structures usually pay for themselves within only two to three years! If you are looking to provide coverage for your outdoor car park and save money then you should consider installing a solar shade structure with iinergy. Find out more about the benefits of solar shade structures on the iinergy website here.

How iinergy Can Help

iinergy offers a comprehensive solar shade structure service. We begin with a consultation, including a custom proposal, in-person site survey and a detailed analysis of your system layout, cost and savings benefit, performance estimate, energy offset, preferred solar panel, timeline to completion and the range of financing options available for you.

Next, the iinergy team constructs and installs the solar shade structures. Our experienced and professional team always focuses on top craftsmanship with minimal disruption to your schedule.

Once your solar shade structure is installed, the iinergy team works to monitor its performance to ensure that your solar panels are achieving the optimal output each and every day. In the event of an issue being detected, our team will address it as soon as possible.

Click here to learn more about how we can help you to create, install and monitor your very own solar shade structure.

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Are you ready to take your first step towards your own solar shade structure? It's time to get in touch with the solar power experts at iinergy. Call us today on 1300446374 or email us at Click here if you would like to contact the iinergy team through our website. Our team is here to help you start saving on your power bill with clean, renewable energy.

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