Why Now Is A Great Time To Switch To Solar Power

Posted 22 Jun '22
Why Now Is A Great Time To Switch To Solar Power

Why Now Is A Great Time To Switch To Solar Power

Are you sick of rising power costs and wanting to reduce your reliance on environmentally damaging energy sources? Good news, there has never been a better time to switch to solar power. At iinergy, we help residents and businesses to transition to solar power and experience the many benefits that come with it. So if you have been considering solar power for your home or business, now is the time to make the switch! In this blog article the solar experts at iinergy will be taking a look at why now is a great time to make the switch to solar power.

Protect Yourself From Rising Power Costs

Power costs are unfortunately unpredictable. Random price surges from supply shortages can leave you spending more than you expected, and there is no doubt that households around Australia have been feeling the effects of this over the last few weeks. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from rising power costs by transitioning to solar power. Instead of paying for power, you will be generating your own electricity directly from the sun.

Solar Panels Have Never Been More Efficient

Solar panel efficiency has certainly increased over the years and there is no doubt that solar panels have never been more efficient than they are right now. You can also supplement your solar panel with a solar battery. This will enable you to use the power you have generated during the day at night, without needing to worry about not generating power as the sun goes away.

Solar Panels Have Never Been More Affordable

Contrary to what some believe, solar panels don’t break the bank. The initial investment is often less than what you think and solar panels have never been more affordable than what they are right now. Plus, solar panels can pay themselves off within 4 to 8 years! That’s right, after 4 to 8 years you will have paid off your solar panel investment and be generating free power for your home or business. Call 1300 446 374 to get in touch with professionals at iinergy to discuss your solar panel options today.

Ready To Make The Switch? Contact iinergy

Are you ready to make the smart switch to solar power? Get in touch with the friendly and experienced team at iinergy. We are here to help you install the perfect solar power system for your home or business. Our team is experienced in solar panel and solar battery installation. We are committed to supplying and installing the highest quality solar products available. Contact our team today on 1300446374 to get started. You can also contact us through our website by clicking here.

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