Why You Should Get Solar in 2023

Posted 18 Jan '23
Why You Should Get Solar in 2023

Why You Should Get Solar in 2023

There has never been a better time to invest in a solar system than in 2023. Solar power is more efficient and more affordable than ever before. With solar, you can save hundreds on your power bill! At iinergy, we get to see the many benefits of solar power first-hand. In this blog update, we will be sharing a few of the many reasons why you should make the switch to solar power in 2023.

Solar Reduces Your Reliance On The Grid

With a proper solar system setup, including solar panels and a solar battery, you can almost completely reduce your reliance on the power grid. This means you will have access to power in times of power outs, whether scheduled or in the event of a flood or severe storm.

Save Money On Your Power Bill

Power costs are rising every month, and the added cost is placing more burden on families all across Australia. With a solar power system, you won’t need to worry about rising power costs. Instead, you will enjoy free power generated directly from the sun. Solar batteries have also greatly improved in performance, and that means you no longer need to rely on great sunlight for solar power. With a good solar battery, your solar power system will store excess power in your solar battery for use when the sun is no longer shining bright, like at night and in the early morning. Find out more about some of the best available solar battery options on the iinergy website here.

Solar Systems Are More Efficient Than Ever

The days of inefficient solar panels are gone. Solar panels are now a primary power producer throughout Australia. In fact, solar power produces as much as 20% of the total power in the grid! When it comes to powering your home or business, there are solar panel system options available to fit virtually all power needs. Would you like to find out what solar power system will be best for your power requirements? Get in touch with the professionals at iinergy today.

Get Solar With iinergy!

Are you ready to experience all of the benefits of solar power in 2023? iinergy is here to help. We are your local solar power experts and can help to install solar panels and solar batteries for your power needs. Whether you need solar for your home or business, we can work with you to install the perfect solar panel, solar battery and solar power system for your needs. Call 1300 446 374, email us at, or click here to contact the iinergy team through our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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