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Are you sick of rising power costs and want to do something about it?  You don’t have to wait, save a deposit or face high repayments to go solar and start slashing your power bills. Make the switch now with iinergy and eligible customers can pay zero dollars up-front, no interest EVER with low monthly payments.

We want to help you reduce or even wipe out your electricity bill – we have a solar package to suit every budget and household.   Join more than 20,000 Australian households and businesses who are part of the nation’s rooftop revolution – making their own electricity with a solar panel system supplied and installed by iinergy.

With a $0 upfront commitment and very affordable monthly payments; our initiatives have enabled many more Australians to easily access solar savings and take control of their electricity bills.

You’ll save money from day one. Your electricity bill will become lighter and, as electricity prices go up, so will your savings.

Why choose iinergy?  


Our solar experts will tailor a package that works best for your lifestyle and energy needs.  They will  work with you to discover exactly how you use your energy to plan and design the right solar system for your family and home.

We are all about making the solar dream a reality for Australian homeowners. We make solar achievable and affordable without compromising on quality. Join thousands of happy iinergy customers.


From design and installation to monitoring and maintenance, here at iinergy we only work with qualified consultants and accredited system designers and technicians.

Your iinergy team is here to help throughout all stages of your solar journey.

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