Why You Should Install A Solar Battery

Posted 21 Apr '22
Why You Should Install A Solar Battery

Why You Should Install A Solar Battery

Solar power is a great choice for anyone looking to lower their energy bills and transition to a renewable, sustainable and less environmentally damaging energy source. Solar panels are incredibly cost effective, typically paying themselves off within just 4 to 8 years. However, what happens to your energy source at night or in cloudy weather conditions? This is where solar batteries come in, helping you to maximise the energy produced by your solar panel system. In this latest blog article the iinergy team will be taking a look at some of the reasons why you should install a solar battery for your solar panel system.

Use Solar Generated Electricity At Night

Solar panels don’t generate electricity at night and their output can be reduced in cloudy conditions. This means, without a solar battery, you can only use solar generated electricity while the solar panels are actually generating the electricity. Most families predominantly use electricity at night, which promotes a slight problem with solar panels. Fortunately this is fixed with a solar battery. Instead of your excess power being fed back into the grid, it will be stored in your solar battery for you to use later.

Become Less Reliant On The Grid

With a solar battery in your solar power system you won’t be reliant on the grid for power. Instead you will be using the power your solar panels are generating directly from the sun. Some batteries can even keep your home powered up in the event of local power outages. With a solar battery you can reduce your reliance on the power grid by using your own power generated by your solar panels.

Solar Batteries Are Affordable & Efficient

Solar batteries have truly never been more affordable or efficient. With a high-quality solar battery you can efficiently store your solar generated power, plus you won’t break the bank by getting it installed. There has never been a better time to install a solar battery to maximise the efficiency of your solar panel system.

What Solar Batteries Are Available?

There are a wide range of different solar batteries available. However, it is always important to choose the right fit for you. Click here for a breakdown of 3 popular solar battery solutions in one of our recent blog articles.

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